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Holiday on La Gomera - relaxed in a small palm tree oasis - unique & extraordinary

Yoga on la Gomera

 Yoga in the shelter of nature on La Gomera

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Start and end the day on La Gomera with YOGA.

On our magical island of La Gomera, under palm trees in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, we have a little LIGHTTOASE.

Höre in Dich hinein, verbinde Deinen Körper und Geist. You can get to know yoga, practice daily and deepen your practice. Our yoga workshop is a week of intensive teaching.

YOGA Asana

Yoga - a system of practice:

Yoga postures, stretching exercises, exercises of stillness,
Meditation and relaxation, breathing exercises, mantra recitations. Yoga - A spiritual condition:
"Equanimity is called yoga." (from the Bhagavad Gita)
Yoga - connecting body, mind and soul, balancing the masculine and feminine sides.

(Statement by yoga teacher Monika D.)

In the mornings and evenings before meals, about 30 minutes of practical yoga is taught, followed by about 30 minutes of theoretical yoga for conscious recognition and deepening. Yoga postures, relaxation and breathing exercises, silence and meditation (mantra) offer the opportunity to come into balance on all levels - physically, mentally and spiritually. Selected exercises allow for common as well as very individual experiences. They are gentle, vitalising and relaxing exercises. They are taught outdoors with a view of the sea, as well as in a comfortable room.

Experience yourself in a completely different environment. The rest of the day can be arranged individually according to your own ideas or in coordination with others from the group. This way you will be able to create a balance between rest and activity yourself. Wake up close to the sea and watch the sunrise. Explore this beautiful island and its diverse vegetation and national park on your own - on foot, by rental car or island bus.


(Passifloraceae) La Gomera

Or just lie in the hammock in the sun and enjoy your holiday.
start and end the day on La Gomera with YOGA.

In addition, you can book ayurvedic massage You are welcome to join our yoga workshop.


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