Our holiday homes on La Gomera - direct, personal & private rent

Holiday on La Gomera - relaxed in a small palm tree oasis - unique & extraordinary

Finca Montoro on La Gomera

In a small palm tree oasis on La Gomera are our holiday homes Casa Aura, Casa Aloha And CASA Alma - right in the nature reserve...


Finca Montoro on La Gomera

More and more creative places are being created on the "magic island" for all those who have grown fond of it. La Gomera's second name is: isla mágica ... we remain true to that. 

Finca Montoro on La Gomera

This is what our CASAS RURALES - three old stone houses - stand for, completely restored by us with love. At the moment, the three houses can accommodate a total of about 10 guests.

Finca Montoro La Gomera


Which is very important to us for our group projects. Offering a small group size guarantees individual attention at all levels.


Solar energy on La Gomera | energía Solar La Gomera

The whole Finca is operated only with our self-produced SOLAR POWER! We are a conscious & sustainable place. The Finca is alive and in harmony with nature and therefore constantly growing, changing, renewing, recognizing and learning Shine!

finca montoro 2019 la gomera semana santa

Easter-full moon dinner 2019

Our Finca will be eco + organic ... We want to use a large part of the area for organic farming, where many different and tasty fruits will ripen and many fresh real vegetables will be harvested, which all our guests and groups will enjoy We are currently doing a new "water project" for the vegetable & fruit cultivation... When we have done this, we will start planting the terraces.

Finca La Gomera casa Aura

In the so moving time from mid March to June 2020 ... we didn't have much to do and so our little 4-year-old son Orion became a star gardener! He started the beginning of our organic vegetable plantation... all alone free hand with universal PURE love... every morning he sneaked to the terraces to examine every leaf, caress every blossom and welcome every new fruit. All were watered with holy water...







Now we already harvest cucumbers, watermelon, honeydew melon, pumpkin, corn, tomatoes, lettuce ...

His dady Txus also broke his record and quickly built a small POOL - without scales. We use the spring water for watering afterwards.

Would you like to see a picture? Really...

Relaxing Pool…



 If it's a good day ...let's "Hand Made“ Spicy Mojos ......... ......).


We have real generation old sacred plants wild & free - planted according to the lunar calendar for over 15 years With us you will surely have a unique and unforgettable holiday (private, with the whole family or with a small circle of friends.)

Starry night on our Finca Montoro La Gomera 2018 (Barbara)

He really is! Our starry sky. Since we don't have street lighting, you can often dream all night long.

…. Flying into the past or future or staying in the here & now ...

Starry sky La Gomera Finca


Our houses for you

Since our Finca is absolutely in the untouched nature, it could be good for all guests to get really close to the true NATURE... From La Gomera - to get used to the silence, the sounds of the wind in the palm trees and the numerous stars but dark nights.

casa Alma La Gomera

Many guests are happy to discover the "Milky Way" again in the starry sky. Because by us fantastic starry nights can be observed! There is no street lighting here and within a radius of 7 km to the village of Hermigua we are the only inhabited finca - up to San Sebastian about 7 hours walking time! So you are not completely alone - unless we are on holiday...


Most of the feedback I get is: That our place is really unique & special... Like the whole island of La Gomera. You can come down here - or you can arrive.

A beautiful MUCHAS GRACIAS to all who have been here...

I will recognize each of you - immediately!
Your names maybe not...immediately




Unsere CASA AURA ist geeignet für bis zu 4 Personen und ist umgeben von mehreren märchenhaften Gartenterrassen.
It is the first house seen from the path and the largest. Very quickly the suite room can be converted into a seminar room.








casa rural casa aloha la gomera

Unsere Casa ALOHA ist geeignet für 2 Personen. Es besitzt einen 100-jährigen Steinbackofen und ist das zweite Haus vom Weg aus gesehen.
It has a beautiful view of the sea and a large cosy terrace surrounded by many palm trees.





 Is the house in which we lived with our two children and always do magic.terbrochen zzzzaubern……..
Auch dieses Haus kann man seit 2018 mieten. Es hat eine wunderschöne lustige Holzterrasse, von welcher der Ausblick auf das Meer Dich einfach GLUECKLICH MACHT…



Pirate Treasure 2017 La Gomera


Our creative projects :


Various seminars, workshops, and changing projects are planned.


Just write to us if you are interested in offering your own courses.

Or you are looking for a nice quiet place for your holiday with friends. I look forward to hearing from you...




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  1. Tina Matyssek says:

    Dear Kalay! Oh my God, is the project you started back when we were with you (Daniel, me and our little worm Kenya :D - still a guest at the Bar Piloto) to be realized? This is unbelievable! How wonderful! I remember all too well the overturned palm tree we were sitting on! And you've grown! Ohhhhhh, so much has happened here too - and I obviously URGENTLY have to pack Kenya and come to you to feel the energy of this wonderful place completely! Best regards to Txus as well! The Tina Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

    1. Kalay says:


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