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Holiday on La Gomera - relaxed in a small palm tree oasis - unique & extraordinary

Holiday house Casa ALMA

Casa alma la gomeraCASA ALMA on La Gomera in the nature reserve of Hermigua is beautiful with a dream view that makes you happy! Our favourite house for two people.

Casa ALMA on the Canarian magic island La Gomera - is the third house on our Finca Montoro- in La Gomera and was, like all the others, restored by ourselves (from bottom to top and from front to back!) 

Casa alma la gomera

casa rural casa alma

I and Txus lived here all this time. Since the beginning of our FINCA project, then with our two children AYLA & ORION. But now the house has become too small for us...now it is:

……….. only for special peoples ……..

….soul Food…

Over the 20m2 beautiful wooden terrace you can enter the great house. From this wooden terrace you have a dream view over the sea and I love to spend the whole holiday in a deck chair ....



Casa Alma La Gomera relaxed…

It's so nice and relaxed there. Casa ALMA is our only house that has this beautiful wooden terrace...at the moment.

The terrace makes the house even more special, because the design of our old long stored telephone poles over new current Tamia wooden floor fits perfectly into the landscape. Several friends from La Gomera and Berlin have helped us... manpower & woman's view & child's play....

The house has two comfortable deckchairs for resting, reading, relaxing and dreaming.

              … New-Handmade-Vintage …                

From the terrace there is direct access to the kitchen and dining area. The sleeping area is in the rear part of the house. Everything is in one big room. If you come to us, there will be a little surprise waiting on the table. Something different for everyone.

The unique view in the morning at noon in the evening and at night is to be fully enjoyed. Here you can really ENJOY...

Everyone says that about our finca. This place is very special for that.

casa Alma La Gomera


This is not a picture in a picture frame, simply looked out of the window! I sewed my little rainbow cloud in Switzerland for my star daughter, it seems to fit well into the picture, because rain is rare.

casa Alma La Gomera cosina

The kitchen is open, has like the other houses a four plate gas stove and lots of space. Can you find the fridge?

Chef Txus… La Gomera

Hier hatten wir gerne und viel für zahlreiche Gäste gekocht,  zeig mir doch Dein Lieblingsrezept…oder schreib es in unser GÄSTE KOCHBUCH! Auch wir haben von vielen Gästen aus verschiedensten Ländern Leckereien gelernt zu kochen…..


SEIT 2021 Könnt Ihr direkt bei Txus eure PAELLA PRIVADO bestellen.

Sie wird exclusiv für euch gekocht und auf der Terrasse von casa Alma serviert…meldet euch rechtzeitig an.         










casa Alma cosina

Txus has built the whole kitchen himself, so to have a great holiday there is of course some cooking equipment: Spices fresh or dried - partly from the wild garden you can pick them.

casa Alma La Gomera

Das ist die Spüle,es gibt keine Spülmaschine –  denn wir haben „nur „Solarstrom, doch bestimmt werdet Ihr mit diesem AUSBLICK auch im Urlaub mit Freude abwaschen…unser Wasser ist reines Quellwasser ohne cloro! (dafür haben wir hart gekämpft!) immer noch experimentiere ich ein natürliches Spülmittel herzustellen. Was nach vielen Versuchen noch nicht perfekt ist, denn ich bin halt auch  noch nicht perfecto…mmmhh

casa Alma La Gomera

Now we come to the living room...

sweet Home … La Gomera…

CASA ALMA on La Gomera has a real wood-burning stove - but you have to collect the wood yourself... Only in the "winter months" from November to February did we sometimes heat. Actually we use the oven part for baking e.g. onion bread or delicious schschooooko cake... (divine says Jamie Oliver)

 The book corner has a well-assorted reading corner door. Mostly our guests leave their holiday book there. I have found really good books, beautiful ones, which you can read several times.

…plantas Canarias…

Natürlich haben wir auch Bücher über die Insel La Gomera, sowie verschiedene Wanderkarten und Pflanzenbücher.“Mein“ ADAC WANDERBUCH LA GOMERA  ist hier auch im Regal. Kinderbücher gibts auch…

You are welcome to light the wood stove. Wood can be collected in the area or bought in the small hardware store. We will show you how to do it and then really enjoy.

…holy room…

The living room is next to the sleeping area - so when the fire is on, it can be nice and warm. But actually you won't need the stove that often, because on La Gomera there is a really pleasant warm climate all year round... also in Hermigua 


Casa Alma la gomera


The sleeping area has a bed (2x 90×200) which can be pushed together or separately. Depending on who is coming.

Casa Alma, sleepy, cozy.

REALLY all guests say that they sleep very well and deeply here because the beds are great. The air is great and it is very quiet.

Towels & bed linen are changed once a week or at any time on request.

casa Alma La Gomera

New and old - a good interaction. Like the house CASA ALMA...


The bathroom is small but cozy. Once again it has a wonderful view directly onto a palm tree and the old mirror lets in a lot of daylight...


Is fun to admire the holiday tan in the mirror or to smear the ALOE VERA which I will cut off from our garden.... for you to test.

casa Alma La Gomera




                                                                                                                                                                  AYURVEDIC MASSAGES könnt ihr gerne bei mir buchen. : telefonisch/oder per email..


My casa del Alma

We have built up everything ourselves everything works, but if something goes wrong, we are immediately on the spot, always available because it is our home. Our place is a special place. It is alive and grows constantly, it also changes.

Guests discovered..:

  • Like dark can be dark,
  • How Still can be silent
  • Sun can be so warm!'


Casa ALMA La Gomera 2019


We point out again at the very end: that our finca is located in the nature reserve outside of Hermigua all alone, and you drive on an unpaved earth road about 15min.

(Okay es sind noch die anderen zwei Häuser in der Nähe. Also ganz allein nicht!


2 thoughts on “Ferienhaus Casa ALMA …”

  1. Mara says:

    An Kalay & Txus und die Kids:
    blaettert man in eurem wunderbaren Gaestebuch,so gleicht das einer Art Zeitreise- man kann euren Traum wachsen sehen,wie einen kleinen Setzling! Man sieht und bekommt wiedergespiegelt wie alles anfing,sieht eure Leidenschaft,Gastfreundschaft, Liebe & Freude, die von den Gaesten zurueckstrahlen… und nun reihen wir uns ein in diese Kette aus netten Menschen und fallen ein in ihren Gesang—

    So wunderbar schoen war diese Zeit in der CASA ALMA -in eurer wunderbaren OASE.-mit euch- mit gespraechen – mit lieben Aufmerksamkeiten von euch!
    Auf jeden Fall haben wir ein wahnsinniges grosses Glueck gehabt, so lange bei euch Gaeste sein zu duerfen!!
    Ihr seit einfach toll…..

    alles wird weiter wachsen.- ob mit Wurzeln nach unten oder wie die Krone nach oben.

    seit fest umarmt & 1000 Dank
    von Mara &Steffen und unserem Jonne

  2. Ebba says:

    Dear Kalay TXUS ,Ayla &Orion

    Thank you for the time here at your little paradise. It has been a real plasure to get to know you,your family-including the childrens and your HOME!
    We were astonished both by the dramatic and beautiful nature and the genuine accomodation!!!

    we have filled up our energy here by the peaceful environment while walking….

    Best wishes EBBA and HANNES from Svecia

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